Vremi10 Piece Colorful Knife Set: A Clear-Cut Success or Another Dull Blade?

While you may or may not be a seasoned pro when it comes to cooking, you don’t have to be Gordon Ramsay or Bobby Flay to own proper kitchenware products.

But shopping for everything might get hard and confusing, especially for those of us who still think that all potatoes are white and that pineapple is a great pizza topping. But worry not, someone out there has been considerate enough to pack all the basic knives into a set, so that you won’t have to stress out and just buy everything with just one purchase.

The Vremi 10 Piece Colorful Knife set is such a product, with five well-crafted knives that will be a great addition to any empty, ill-equipped kitchen.

Throughout this review, we’ll be taking a look at the quality of the build (blades and handles), the utility of each knife and how it should be used and see how much better it is compared to another similar product from the same market.

The Key Features

First of all, our review will only cover utility and quality – the design will be discussed to a certain extent, mostly as it might have a positive or negative impact on the overall product, but we won’t be discussing personal preferences, as it’s both useless and counterproductive, so if design is an important factor that you’ll ponder before making a decision, make sure take a good look at the set before you settle on purchasing it for yourself.

The Vremi 10 Piece Colorful Knife set features:

  • Five different-purpose knives, which include
    • A red chef’s knife
    • A purple carving (or slicing) knife
    • A blue serrated bread knife (great for oranges, lemons and tomatoes too)
    • A yellow multipurpose knife (great for chopping and slicing vegetables and fruits)
    • An orange peeling knife
  • Tough, thick stainless steel blades
  • Ergonomically-designed handles
  • BPA-free plastic sheaths for every knife

What’s nice about the Vremi 10 Piece Colorful Knife set:

  • Each color is assigned to a different knife, making it easy to determine which is which when they’re placed in a stand or a wooden block
  • The handles have a very nice shape and the embedded models allow the user to have a better grip over the knives
  • The design is model and tasteful
  • It includes sheaths for each knife
  • Good quality blades, easy to sharpen and hard to dull
  • Lightweight and well-balanced

What’s not so nice about the Vremi 10 Piece Colorful Knife set:

  • It’s a very basic set
  • It doesn’t include a block or stand
  • The sheaths are useless if you get a magnetic holder or a wooden block
  • If handled carelessly, the color on the blades will get scratched, making the overall appearance of the knives very unappealing


While some people might or might not enjoy the colors chosen in designing this particular set, they do offer some utility, allowing the user to quickly pick their desired knife while the blade is absent from their field of view. Again, this isn’t that important, but it’s worth mentioning, as the color offers more than purely aesthetics.

Other than that, the blade and handle design is actually pretty impressive, giving the knives a very modern, ergonomic look.

Blade Quality

The stainless steel blades are pretty tough. The biggest knives, the chef’s, bread and carving knives measure eight inches in lengths, and the angles are very good for chopping, carving, slicing and anything else that you’ll be doing with these bad boys.

The stainless steel blades are also relatively hard to dent and bend, and the blade will stay pretty sharp, provided that you don’t cut through bones every other night.

If you maintain them by keeping them dry and sharpening them every now and then, we assure you that you’ll be using the Vremi 10 Piece Colorful Knife set for years to come.

Handle Quality

The handles are slick. Rounded, to fit right into your palm, and curved, so that you get a good grip with your fingers, they’re very comfortable, which is very important when cooking for extended periods (for bigger meals, holidays, parties etc.). They match the blade’s colors and they have the logo along with a concentric design embedded in the plastic, offering even more grip.

The Knives

Five basic knives—chef’s knife for chopping and slicing meat, vegetables, fruit and so on, allowing you to finely dice tomatoes and roots and mince garlic cloves. The carving knife is great for carving and slicing meats, both cooked and cold.

The serrated bread knife has very fine teeth, which will minimize the mess you’re going to make when cutting crusty pastries. The last two, utility and paring knives, are basically meant for vegetables and fruit, but they’ll get the job done nicely.


The set itself is pretty basic – you won’t be getting any peelers, cutting boards, sharpeners, shears or anything else that’s going to further aid you in your cooking endeavors. That being said, what’s already there is made by professionals, so the materials and the build is reliable and offers a quality cooking experience.

How does it fare against similar products?

Well, if you’ve stumbled upon the Cook-N-Home 14-piece knife set, you probably have a pretty good idea of how this is different. The Cook-N-Home has some awkwardly-designed knives, with weird blade angles and low-quality handles. In those regards, the five knives in the Vremi set have nice angles and sharp edges that complement the well-designed handles.

While you won’t be getting any other accessories, which is kind of a bummer since most manufacturers include at least a little bit of extra utensils in their sets, the knives are just fine, and after you get a magnetic stand or a wooden block and a sharpener, you’ll be ready to cook almost any dish out there.

Our Verdict

We’ve managed to reach the conclusion of this review. We think that the Vremi 10-piece (five-piece, to be more accurate) brings a lot of value. Whether you’re a single bachelor, a couple that’s just moved in or a caring mother of two, as long as you’re not bothered by the pizzazz associated with the colors, you’ll make good use of this little, basic knife set.

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