Tyrellex: Steak Knives – Premium Steak Knife Set Review

In our modern time, we prepare food like never before! From the spices we add, to the cooking materials and cutlery. We have it all to help us prepare food perfectly, with ease and even worth displaying!

Food has revolutionized through the years and was significantly altered from rare, medium-rare, and well-done! Yes! We all know what that food is; it’s the ever popular steak! Steak preparation and cooking comes in different ways, especially with the use of different recipes including ways to cook it. So, to aid those tasked with food preparation and cooking, we shall present a new brand of cutlery that would best suit your steak preparation needs! So, without further ado, we present, Tyrellex’s Premium Steak Knife Set with wood gift box including a 6 pieces knife package!

Tyrellex Steak Knives has once again created a new modified serrated knife built especially for steaks and its overall initial preparation. Tyrellex is one of the best knife manufacturing brands that every household kitchen and gourmet restaurants should have!

So, to further shed light on Tyrellex’s Premium Steak Knife Set, this article would provide you basic information and things that you should consider about these specific steak knives. Would you consider Tyrellex’s Premium Steak Knife Set as a best choice? Read on!


  • One of the key features of Tyrellex’s Premium steak Knife Set is that these knives have a full tang, which means the blade stretches all the way to the back and is fully enclosed by the handle.
  • Wooden handles which is made from Red Pakkawood, this ensures maximum grip from your hand to the knife.
  • As a standard anti-corrosion feature, the knives have a stainless-steel feature.
  • These knives have a full serrated-edge.
  • The package offers 6 knives which includes a wooden gift box.


  • The Tyrellex Premium Steak Knife Set has very good quality and has an ergonomic design because of the handle which is made from red Pakkawood to look good and feel good as well.
  • Offers great knife balance between the blade and the handle.
  • Because of the knife’s overall serrated-edge, it will never go dull!
  • Knowing that is a serrated knife, cutting meat won’t be easy, but no! The serration in the knife actually helps in cutting the meat clean and without a bit of a snag in the process.
  • Very durable because of the knife’s stainless steel medium.
  • The knife tang is built and melded together with its red Pakkawood handle. This insures that the knife stays together with his handle unlike other knives that come off from its handle in time.
  • Beautifully made and design is absolutely gorgeous!
  • Includes a lifetime warranty as long as the terms and conditions of use are met.
  • Includes 6 premium serrated knives and a wooden stow away box. All of these for such an affordable price!


  • One of the cons of this knife is its serration. Even though this knife would not go dull during its lifetime. But in any occasion you want to sharpen it, don’t bother. Sharpening serrated knives requires professional handling and doing it on your own could dull it even further.
  • Another minor con is that it’s serrated all the way through, which means it doesn’t include a straight-edge combo so, you’re going to need another knife if you want to cut something using a straight-edged knife.


Overall, Tyrellex Steak Knives, Premium Steak Knife Set is a great new product to have and to use in a restaurant that offers steaks, or in any household kitchen! Not only is it very durable, it also looks good and can be very decorative because of its red Pakkawood handle design and its wonderful look in metal art as well as structure. Even so, every knife in the market has its own downfalls however minor or major it would be.

Tyrellex’s Premium Steak Knife Set has only a few cons that come with it; this would of course include its sharpening capabilities. It does not need sharpening however but, there could be occasions that can make this knife dull like chopping onto hard surfaces which is a no for serrated knives.Furthermore, sharpening the knife can be near impossible if not done with a professional. Overall great knife, not too much cons but more in benefits!

Possible Alternatives

A possible alternative for the Tyrellex Steak Knife can be a little tricky since most of them would have similar key features from this specific knife. But a perfect alternative would be a combo-edged knife. A combo-edged knife is a knife that has both serrated edges and straight ones combined in one blade. Most of these knives have a serrated edge that starts from the tang then stops at the middle, continuing with a straight edge up to the tip of the knife. But don’t let this be a great substitute for a serrated steak knife.

Remember, steaks when whole needs a fully serrated and long length knife which this knife in our article possesses!


Overall, the Tyrellex Premium Steak Knife Set is a great addition to your kitchen and would be ofgood benefit especially on steak preparation. Steaks, of course need a lot of attention in order to look awesome and appetizing! Judging from the amount of benefits that it can offer as well as the cons the came with it, we can specifically say that we are proud to recommend the Tyrellex Premium Steak Knife Set for your kitchen, restaurant, food-cart! This knife can assure complete satisfactory cut not only for steak preparations, but also for other meats that are available in the market today!

Hopefully this article has helped you in considering the Tyrellex Premium Steak Knife as a best buy in choosing steak knives for your satisfaction and steak preparation!

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