Steak Knives: Should it be serrated?

Nowadays, we have created many revolutionary inventions that has helped us make our lives easier. Take our ways of cutting things for instance. We began from just chipping obsidian rocks to form blades for cutting! Until there came a time we discovered metal. Now, we have fully manipulated metal to create beautiful knives for art or for the kitchen!

Knives have come a long way through the years of its evolution, and from then on variations have been made especially through its handling and form so that it fits perfectly in your hand. Nevertheless, the blade came soon after; it was also redefined for sharpness and versatility.

Today, the blades we are creating are pretty much modified in cutting especially to the foods we like, this of course includes steak! There are many knives to prepare steak; this includes serrated ones. Although serrated knives work great for sawing and are good for cutting hard stuff, but, most would still ask, should steak knives be serrated?

In this article, we will give you a bit of information about serrated knives and its uses; we are hoping that we’d give you enough information if steak knives should be serrated or otherwise!

What You Need To Know About Serrated Knives

First off, here are a few features of a serrated knife to better understand the concept of this modified kitchen tool.

  • Stainless Steel – First feature of a typical serrated knife is that it’s supposed to be stainless steel, to provide the knives longevity from corrosion and durability issues.
  • Longer length – The serrated knife is used more for sawing than any other motion there is for knife handling so, it needs to have a longer blade length to promote more cutting function in one slice.
  • Finger Grooves – The serrated knife has to be used with more effort in slicing, therefore, finger grooves in the handle are very important to ensure stable grip and ample ergonomics are applied.
  • Serrated blades – And of course the most important feature of the serrated knife is its serrated blade. There are different designs for the serrated blade but all of them have the same cutting function that would suit best for cutting hard objects like citrus fruits or bones. Just a simple serrated saw blade would do for a standard serrated knife.


Below are the few pros to provide insight if serrated blade really fits in cutting steaks.

  • One of the many advantages of a serrated blade is that it’s not easy to get dull because of its different angles riddling along the blade. Therefore, the serrated blade is built to last without needfor sharpening.
  • Another thing is that when used, it is not easy to slip like plain knives do because of the serration that acts also as grips for the material being cut.
  • These types of knives are very useful in cutting hard stuff like citrus fruits, hard types of bread, and of course slicing cake perfectly.
  • The Serrated knife is also great for cutting flesh like lean meats, cooked meats, and steaks!
  • Overall, great knife especially on slicing efficiency.


If there are Pros in the subject, cons will always follow. In this section, we will give you a ‘slice’ of the cons from this knife prior to the pros given.

  • Serrated knives are not at all neat in slicing very hard materials. Although it cuts materials fast enough than plain blades do, it still somehow makes a mess especially when cutting bones. Therefore, fast but not clean.
  • It is very hard to sharpen. Although the serrated knife gets dull in a very long time, sharpening it would definitely be tough because of the grooves in the blade which is not easy to sharpen. Therefore, a new knife is to be purchased after this one or taking the blade to a professional sharpener is a must.
  • Given that it cuts tender meat fast, it does not cut the meat cleanly for it sometimes tear it making it undesirable to look at.

Serrated knives are widely used for cutting hard objects if you are not aiming for the cleanliness of the cut. Serrated knives can be good at finishing the job as fast and ergonomic it can possibly be. But, in this article, cutting steaks are the main concern. Through its pros and cons, it’s not looking good for the serrated knife and the question of should steak knives be serrated is yet to unfold.

Other Means

It can easily be replaced by other knives like plain old ones having satisfactory results in cutting steaks. Another perfect alternative can be a Combo-edge knife which is half serrated and half plain if you want both edges if one doesn’t work for cutting steak. Overall, you’ll have both blades in one knife.


The serrated knife has performed well in slicing through stuff as hard as animal bone and of course, it does its job as quickly and efficientlyas it can ever be. But, this article supports the cleanliness and the way it should cut especially through tender unfrozen meat like steaks. Therefore, we conclude that the serration is not necessary for steak knives to have because it cannot really finish the cut clean through unless the steak is frozen, then the cut can be clean enough and ideal for steaks. But, not all steaks are frozen so, if used on unfrozen steak, it would grab the steak instead of slicing it and destroying the meat in the process.

Hopefully in this article, we have answered your question on should steak knives be serrated and everything that this serrated knife be ideally used. Anyway, we still recommend the serrated knife for you to slice and dice your way into preparing food to perfection!

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