Steak Knives Serrated vs Straight Edge

Knives and edges have been with us for a very long time. In fact, upon discovery of these amazing pieces of technology which started as plain old obsidian edges, it moved us into a more convenient life that we are able to use these materials for cutting and hunting.

From those obsidian rocks, we then discovered how to fashion wood for our purposes. And from wood we then began further advancing until we discovered metal! Metal has been a great tool to help us advance our civilization and because of metal we knew how to process food and make into some sort of an art form not only in metal art but also in food preparation.

Today, foods are growing bigger, just like chops for steaks are produced more as the population grows. Most of us love steak and like it prepared in any way possible as long as it is pleasantly cut, seasoned well and cooked to perfection. Through this, we only have one question in mind, which is better for preparing steaks, Serrated or Straight edge knives?

So, in this article, we will give you a few pointers on a contest between Serrated Knives vs. Straight edge for steaks! Would you be able to stick around and find-out the winner?

Serrated vs. Straight Edge

In this part of the article, we would like to show you a few things about what’s it like handling both knives and the way it is felt through the hand when being used. But first, we will give you the first knife to describe this never ending battle between the serrated knife and the Straight edge knife.

Straight-edge kitchen knife

Here is a list of what a Straight edge bladed knife can do and what it’s good at when being used in the kitchen.

  • A straight-edge knife is a smooth bladed knife with no possible serration, just a clean smooth edge and a typical straight edge would have a sharp point in one end for puncturing.
  • Straight-edge blades are really good in cutting clean through on soft vegetables, fish, scallion type spices and most especially, tender unfrozen meat.
  • The Straight-edge blade is also good for cutting moderately hard fruits and vegetables like potatoes, apples, onions, garlics, pears and the like.
  • The Straight-edge is also great for peeling any type of fruit and vegetable you can find.
  • It is also especially created for slicing meat clean through without any further damage.
  • The straight-edge knife even after all of these qualitiesalso has some cons like its cutting capability on frozen solid materials including animal bone. Cutting through these materials would not be a good idea especially if your straight-edge is not sharp enough. It would just glide onto the surface like skating through ice.

Serrated-edge kitchen knife

The next contender in our battle for supremacy in cutting steaks is the serrated-edge kitchen knife.

  • This knife looks just like your typical knife but it has little bits of detail which is different from the straight-edge. The serrated knife aside from being straight edged is a toothed knife which looks more like a saw than a ‘Katana’.
  • The serrated-edge also has and must have a longer length because it needs to cut more and for other reasons that the sawing motion is ergonomically balanced through this specific feature of the serrated knife.
  • The serrated-edge kitchen knife is able to cut really hard stuff like bone, breads with a little attitude, frozen solid meats, and just right about anything that can be cut by a saw.
  • The serrated-edge can also stand for a very long time without being sharpened.
  • Most serrated knives nowadays have sleek ergonomic design because of the handle styles the manufacturers create so that you’ll have a better grip on the knife therefore, exerting more power and serration to the material being cut.
  • Even though the serrated knife has everything that involves fast cutting any rock hard food materials, it does not give a clean cut on very soft objects like unfrozen meat as well as fruits and vegetables with a consistency of over-ripe tomatoes.


Overall, both of these knives have great quality, functionality, and considering these knives are created in the 21st century, their durability especially on the stainless steel part is considered second to none. The battle between serrated and straight edge for steak knives have concluded through these basic information given from both of these contending knives in cutting steak. Both of these knives have proven that they can be good in cutting meat but, through these styles of blades, it would very much depend on whatever you cut this through and still deliver quality output especially on one of our most favorite meals like the steak.

Therefore, having the perfect knowledge of these knives is a must so that if you are willing to buy for yourself then you know what to select as your priority.


Judging through their overall performance and benefits of these knives, we can safely say that the best knife in preparing steak for general purposes is the Straight Edge blades! This is because of the knife’s overall smoothness that it can cut steak cleanly and precisely especially on general purposes.

The serrated one, however is designed to cut whole frozen solid meat whichis actually pretty good at! We recommended the straight-edge for steak because it cuts it clean especially when it’s not frozen. The Serrated edge however, will not be a good candidate for unfrozen meat because it would definitely get snagged destroying the meat in the end but, it is good for one thing though, hard objects like frozen meat.

For this article, we hopefully answered your contending questions about steak knives serrated vs straight edge. And hopefully, we supplied you enough information so that the steak you are preparing will not be destroyed and look unpleasant. From this point on, it’s all up to you to decide!

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