Noble Home and Chef Knife Block Review

Almost every seasoned chef as well as a homemaker will agree that a set of high-quality kitchen knives is indispensable for slicing, mincing, dicing, filleting, and deboning food items for preparing delectable dishes.

However, the acute sharpness of the blades attached to the handles which segments veggies and meats so smoothly, can prove to be hazardous if the knives are not stored properly. In other words, there is always the risk of goring or impalement if the blade end of the knife is sticking out of the block set or organizer.

The manner in which some knife organizers or block sets are designed can make a part or the entire blade protrude from the slot even after you’ve fully closed the drawer.

Knives with their blade end sticking or jutting out of the drawer is always a potential hazard as anybody entering the kitchen suddenly and casually is vulnerable to getting injured seriously. What you need is a premium kitchen knife organizer that can help secure your knives in a way that not only completely sheathes the blades but also prolongs their active lifespan.

Opting for the Noble Home & Chef Knife Block at least ensures that the blades of the kitchen knives will stay tucked in their respective slots when you open or close the drawer, thereby negating chances of injuries.


The knife block from ‘Noble Home & Chef’ has been carved out of virgin bamboo and has slots for sheathing up to 16 straight edged or serrated knives. Additionally, the block set has a niche for sliding in a knife sharpener.

This Noble Home & Chef block for knife is extraordinarily versatile in that the set can be smoothly inserted into almost all kitchen drawers with standardized dimensions. However, the USP of the block unit is that it fully encases a knife with the handle part facing you which implies that the blade end is totally sheathed in.

Following are some unique features of the knife block set from Noble Home & Chef.

Angled & hollowed out bases of slots

The aslant slots with a hollowed out bottom means that knives are cased perfectly which keeps them from sticking up or jutting out of the niches, thus cancelling out chances of getting wounded or injured.

Blade end is always safely sheathed inside the slot

The slits have been designed in such a way that you always have to insert the knife with the blade end pointing towards the drawer. You will not be able to slot in the knife if you attempt to slide it with the handle facing the drawer.

Engraved niches for taking out steak knives with convenience

The higher tier of slots has engravings on them meant for steak knives which imply that you will have no problem identifying the same.

Slots for large chef knives placed lower for gripping the handles easily

The slots marked for housing large knives or chef knives are spaced out enabling you to comfortably grip the handle end while pulling them out.

Flat placement of knives helps in easy opening or closing of drawers

Each and every slot completely embeds the knife positioning it flatly thereby allowing you to close or open the drawers without any difficulty.

Moso bamboo construction enhances appeal and facilitates cleaning

The knife block has been chipped out from the Moso strain of bamboo making the unit thoroughly biodegradable and environmental-friendly. Alternatively, the bamboo construction imparts an aesthetic appeal to the block as well as renders it easy to clean.


  • Carved out of bamboo: durable, aesthetically appealing, eco-friendly, and convenient to clean
  • Innovatively designed slots: blade end is always deep inside the slot and flatly placed making it convenient to open or close the drawer
  • Etchings on top slots: Steak knives can be inserted or retrieved without any hassles
  • Sufficient spacing between lower slots: all-purpose knives can be slotted in or taken out without any difficulty
  • Handle end of knives is always facing you which means you are totally safe when you open or close the drawer


  • Organizer has slots for holding 12 knives instead of the 16 claimed by the manufacturer
  • The rim or edge where the handle section connecting to the knife rests is somewhat rough; you may have to file the area for making it smooth

How Can This Product Solve Your Requirements?

If you are looking for a heavy-duty knife block for stocking all your kitchen knives in a convenient and safe manner, then the Noble Home & Chef knife organizer would be your best bet.

This versatile and resourceful knife block set has a total of 16 slots that permits you to tuck in a variety of knives including but not limited to paring knife, all-purpose knife, saw-toothed knife, bread knife, and Santoku knife. Opting for this knife set offers you some unique benefits when it comes to storing and retrieving the knives in a safe way.

The block has been shaped out of the best grade of bamboo wood which imparts to it a high level of robustness, makes it performance oriented and environmentally friendly.

The niches in the block have been cut out which secures the knives in a way that prevents the blade part from protruding out; the knife will only go inside the slot when the blade end is inserted first. This feature makes sure that nobody gets hurt in the kitchen or you do not have any problem closing or opening the drawer as there is no question of any part of the knife jutting out.

How is Product Better Than Other Similar Products?

The Noble Home & Chef Knife Block compares favorably to several other knife block brands. Two specific brands deserve mention as they come with features similar to the model under review-YBM Home & Kitchen in Drawer Large Bamboo Kitchen Knife Storage Block and the Utoplike In-Drawer Organizer and Holder.

Both the knife block brands cost much less but at the same time they also have fewer slots for holding knives. Utoplike block can hold a maximum of 12 knives along with a sharpening rod while the YBM Home & Kitchen can stock up to 15 knives in two tiers. Additionally, the bamboo material and design features of the Noble Home & Chef Knife Block are far more superior compared to these brands.


Rounding up, it can be convincingly concluded that the knife block from Noble & Chef is surely one of the best knife organizers out there in the market and worth putting your money on.

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