Den Haven Professional Chef Knife Set: An Unbiased Review

Picture this – a nice kitchen, ready to be cooked in. You carefully pick your ingredients, go to Youtube for a nice, fresh recipe for you and your loved ones, and just before you start chopping and dicing your vegetables, you realise you have no knives to work with.

Well, worry not. In modern times, companies are driven by a Capitalism-fueled competition and are constantly pushed to offer consumers a more varied array of products.

If you find that you’re lacking proper knives, you can head to an etailer and grab a proper knife set that will undoubtedly contain everything you’re looking for.

Today, we’re going to review such a set, namely the Den Haven Professional Chef Knife set, an eight-piece product that will make your kitchen complete.

The Key Features

The Den Haven Professional Chef Knife set includes:

  • Seven knives and a peeler
  • Each knife has a different colour
  • Easy grip handles on each knife – non-slippery, texture grip
  • Includes Chef Knife, carving (or slicing) knife, serrated bread knife, utility knife, paring knife and extra pizza and cheese knives
  • Each knife is coated with non-stick substance, making it easier to wipe residue off the blades
  • Stainless steel blades

What’s good about the Den Haven set:

  • Complete knife set
  • Added peeler, pizza and cheese knives are a nice touch
  • Non-stick coating makes it easier to clean
  • Different colours help determine which knife is which when they’re placed in a stand
  • Stainless steel blades

What’s bad about the Den Haven set:

  • Doesn’t come with blade sharpener
  • Doesn’t come with stand or block
  • Some of the colors are very similar
  • Pizza and cheese knives are pretty tacky


First of all, this is a coloured knife set. Whether or not you’re a fan of this choice, this is the reality. While I’m more of a monochrome type of guy, I can see some utility to the different colour scheme, like determining which knife is which in a scenario where all of the blades are hidden, something that could potentially save you important seconds in a clutch cooking challenge. This is more of a preference, so a colourful set might or might not blend in with your existing decor, but that’s for you to decide.

Blade Quality

The blades are surprisingly good. While the coloured handles might make the knives themselves look trivial, they actually get the job done pretty well.

The stainless steel blades have a coated finish, which is a nice touch, making it easier for you to clean and maintain a healthy blade.  Make sure you keep them dry and store them accordingly to prolong their life. Don’t, by any chance, place them in the dishwasher.

Handle Quality

Taking a closer look at the handles, you’ll be pleasantly surprised to find out that they’re not slippery at all. A nice texture will provide a firm, reliable grip, minimizing accidents and maximizing performance, as you’ll be able to keep a tight hold at any given time. They’re also pretty sturdy, so it’s very unlikely that the blade will break away, as it’s completely housed inside of the handle mold.

The Knives

As previously mentioned, the set contains seven knives and a peeler. The peeler itself is a pretty odd choice, as you’re already getting a peeling knife or you probably already own one.

The chef knife, serrated bread knife and the carving knife all have matching lengths. The chef’s knife is designed to be used at a comfortable angle, so you won’t have to take the tip off the cutting board before you finish chopping.

The carving knife has a very robust blade, making it easy to carve and slice all types of meats. The serrated knife respects the same standards, with well placed teeth that will cut right through bread, tomatoes or anything else with a thicker crust or peel.

The utility and paring knives are really just small replicas of their bigger cousins. Same quality, same angles. The pizza and cheese knives have their names cut out on the blades, making them look especially tacky without bringing any sort of advantage to the knives themselves, since the design was already enough to determine their use.


While the set does have its design flaws and drawbacks, it’s overall quality is surprisingly good. The quality blades will make easy work of all of your ingredients, while the coating finish will keep them fresh-looking for a long time. The only drawback is the lack of a sharpener and a stand or wooden block to place all of them, which would’ve made the set really complete.

All in all, the outcome is positive, although for future models, I’d be happy if the manufacturers gave up the silly design of the pizza and cheese knives, as they already stand out through their unique design, and just labeling them on the package would be enough to establish which is which.

But how well does it fare against other similar products?

Well, if you take a look at the HomeHero 5-piece set, you’ll notice something interesting. While the HomeHero does have a more visually-appealing design, it lacks the quality of the Den Haven Professional Chef Knife set, especially when looking at both of the handle designs, as the HomeHero handles are just glued onto the blade, making it very easy to separate from the steel.

The HomeHero 5 does include a blade-sharpener (a nice one, too), but the pizza and cheese knives really bring more value to the Den Haven set, although that really depends on how much will you be using them. If you’re going to order pizza, you might as well toss the pizza knife out the window.

The Verdict

While the name of the product states that the set is a professional, the silly colors and name cutouts tell a different story. While it’s not a professional set by any chance, it is a pretty darn good knife set.

This pick is ideal for families who like to bring a bit of colour to their kitchen, maybe to impress the little ones too. The great build, good handles, nice texture and coating finish will be sure to give you plenty of pleasant memories cooking meals for your loved ones.

That being said, maybe go for something a bit more inconspicuous if you’re a single bachelor.

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