Best Cutting Board: A Comparative Analysis Review

Few would argue that cutting boards are one of the most essential tools in the kitchen. It is simply impossible to prepare a meal without using a cutting board. So, in this article, we will look at three different cutting boards and try to understand the components of the best cutting boards in the market.

But before we look at different cutting boards, let’s briefly go over some of the types of cutting boards that we can choose from.

Different Types of Cutting Boards

Wooden Cutting Board

Wooden cutting boards are by far the most popular form of cutting boards. You will find one in almost every kitchen. Not only are these boards reliable but also look fabulous in a rustic kind of way. They are often made out of teak, acacia or maple. That is because they don’t absorb as much liquid as most other boards do and don’t scar as easily either.

Bamboo Cutting Board

Bamboo cutting boards have become quite popular in recent years. That is because they have some advantages over traditional wooden cutting boards. For one, bamboo barely requires any maintenance. Also, it is less absorbent compared to wooden boards and doesn’t weigh as much either.

Plastic Cutting Board

Plastic cutting boards are popular just because they are durable and relatively inexpensive. Unlike wooden and bamboo cutting boards, they are harder and not as good for your knives. Plastic is also prone to scratches and grooves and should be replaced when scratches start to appear as it becomes difficult to clean within the crevices.

Glass Cutting Boards

Glass cutting boards are completely nonporous and the easiest to clean and sanitize. However, they can be quite slippery, and due to their hardness, they can dull knives rather quickly.

Best Cutting Boards

OXO Good Grips Cutting and Carving Board

Oxo Good Grips Cuttingand Carving Board is available in four different types. It offers a carving board, a prep board, a utility board and a bamboo board. It features soft, tapered handles that make handling the board significantly easier. These boards are quite durable, odor-resistant and nonporous, as well as made out of polypropylene.

The cutting board offers two-sided use, meaning, one side can be used for vegetables, whereas the other side can be dedicated to meat. This prevents cross-contamination and ensures proper hygiene during food preparation. Moreover, the cutting board is highly resistant to deep scratches and at the same time also prevents premature dulling of your knives.


  • Resistant to deep scratches
  • Knives are protected from premature dulling
  • It does not absorb juices from the products being cut on it since it is non-porous
  • Resistant to odor
  • Cross contamination is not possible
  • Easy to handle
  • Slipping of the product can be prevented


  • It is made out of a synthetic polypropylene material.
  • It doesn’t look as nice as a wooden or bamboo board.
  • The rubber handles can give out prematurely.
  • Differentiating between the two sides might be difficult without marking the board.

Royal Craft Wood Organic Bamboo Cutting Board

The Royal Craft Wood Organic Bamboo Cutting Board is an extra-large cutting board that also doubles as a serving tray. The side handles are ergonomically designed, which allows easy handling of the board. Since the board is made out of bamboo, it is quite friendly to carbon steel knives and will prevent unnecessary wear on your knives and cutlery.

One of the most attractive features of the cutting board is the built-in drip grooves, which will prevent fluids from vegetables, fruits and meat from spilling off the board. Since it is made out of organic and original bamboo, it naturally possesses bamboo’s antibacterial and antimicrobial properties. Moreover, it barely absorbs any liquid, unlike most traditional wooden cutting boards.


  • Large
  • Can be used as a serving tray
  • It does not cause any form of knife wearing and tearing.
  • Juices coming from the products sliced on it will not spill.
  • Hygienically and ergonomically designed
  • Non or little possibility of cross-contamination


  • It is more absorbent than a plastic board.
  • Its huge size might make it difficult to handle.
  • Should not be washed in a dishwasher.

The Original Gorilla Grip (R) Set

The Original Gorilla Grip is a set of three cutting boards available in three different sizes. Is product ensures a complete set of cutting boards and cheese servers. These boards are quite durable and are even thicker than most other cutting boards. It has deep grooves in the corners of the board that prevent any liquids from spilling onto the countertop.

The cutting board is dishwasher-safe and non-porous and doesn’t require any real maintenance other than cleaning. Also, it won’t crack, splinter or peel easily. Its soft cutting surface won’t dull your knives and ensure a smooth and easy cutting experience. Lastly, the cutting boards are available in four different colors, black, red, grey and green.


  • The cutting board set is available in four different colors.
  • The set offers three different boards of different sizes.
  • Its soft cutting surface ensures your knives won’t dull prematurely.
  • It does not absorb juices coming from the products sliced on it.
  • Liquids will not spill on kitchen countertop
  • Safe to place inside a dishwasher
  • Thick


  • The cutting boards are heavier than most other boards.
  • It is only available as a set of three.


Since all three of the cutting boards are of high quality, it might be a bit difficult to determine which of them is the best cutting board. Each of these cutting boards has its unique advantages and drawbacks. The bamboo material has its own unique antibacterial and antimicrobial properties. Whereas, the Gorilla Grip offers a huge number of different advantages and benefits.

So, if we must choose one as the best cutting board, we’d go with The Original Gorilla Grip as the best cutting board mostly because it comes in three different sizes. Thus, it is multifunctional.

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