Best Chef Knifes: Three Cutting-Edge Designs

Let’s face it – when it comes to cooking, the proper tools will make your life much easier. Investing a little money here and there can have a huge impact on your cooking techniques, your presentation and the overall quality of your dishes.

Besides that, high-quality kitchen ware can have a lifespan that stretches through decades, while poorly designed utensils will have a short lifespan and will bring a lot of frustration to your everyday life.

That being said, while a lot of amateurs have enough experience to determine which product is right for them, most of us rely on Youtube video or online reviews to make a more informed decision.

For those who fall in the second category, we’ve compiled a roundup consisting of three of the best chef knifes on the market. Let’s cut right to the chase and see what they’re all about.

Victorinox 8-Inch Fibrox Pro Chef’s Knife

Before we take a closer look at the Victorinox 8 Inch Fibrox, let’s see what basic features it brings to the proverbial table. First of all, it’s a Swiss company. While that by itself isn’t such a feat, the company that’s manufacturing these beauties has been around since 1884, giving them plenty of time to master this particular craft.

While design doesn’t bring any sort of performance, being visually-pleasing is a plus, especially when considering that every smart company out there will go the extra mile to make their products as impressive as possible. In that regard, the Victorinox 8 Inch Fibrox fares pretty decent, with a very well-designed blade but a handle that somewhat doesn’t fit the whole ensemble (of course, that is subjective).

Moving on to the blade – stainless steel, shaped by the makers of the Swiss Army Knife – Swiss item #5.2063.20, number imprinted on the body to prove authenticity.

The blade is also laser tested – lasers have been used to determine the durability and sharpness of the knife to gather quick data on the cutting performance. In addition to these features, this has also been dubbed with a “Highly Recommended” title, for the past 20 years, by a well-known gourmet cooking consumer magazine.

Overall, the design isn’t that outstanding, but it will get the job done nicely, due to its awesome stainless steel blade. While the handle isn’t the prettiest, it makes the whole thing pretty lightweight and well-balanced, although it might not blend in with your existing cutlery.

Lastly, this product is supported by a lifetime warranty that covers manufacturing faults


  • Well-crafted blade
  • Designed by the seasoned veterans behind the iconic Swiss Army Knife
  • Lightweight and well-balanced
  • Lifetime warranty that covers manufacturing faults


  • Somewhat unappealing handle design
  • Handle might get slippery when wet or greasy

Aicok 8-Inch Chef Kitchen Knife

Now that we’ve covered our first knife, let’s start looking at some alternatives, the contenders to the top spot. First off, we have the Aicok 8-Inch Chef Kitchen Knife, a heck of a tool to add to your cutlery.

At a first look, you’ll be pleased to find out that this particular chef’s knife is crafted using German stainless steel. If you’re not familiar, steel comes in different grades that influence how soft it is.

German stainless steel is on the softer side, which means that mishandling it might translate into bending rather than shattering, something that’s universally good when it comes to kitchenware. It’s forged out of one piece, making it even more durable, as it won’t have any weak spots caused by welding the pieces together.

Very sharp out of the box, easy to use but dangerous – make sure to handle it with extra caution if you’re inexperienced.

It has a very pleasant industrial design, with two grips added to the steel handle that make for a very modern, sleek look, although it’s pretty rigid and might be a bit uncomfortable when used in longer cooking sessions.

This Aicok Chef Knife must be cleaned with care – don’t use abrasive cleaners – wipe it down gently with carefully picked detergents and don’t put it in the dishwasher, that would be a bad idea.

That being said, apart from the extra-careful cleaning method and the somewhat rigid handle, this is a solid feature on our best chef knifes list.

PS: Note that this product is supported by a lifetime warranty that covers manufacturing faults


  • German stainless steel construction – harder to shatter
  • One-piece crafting – crafted from a single piece of steel for added durability
  • Great look
  • Lifetime warranty that covers manufacturing faults


  • Might get damaged or cause damage when cleaned in the dishwasher
  • Handle might get uncomfortable when using in longer cooking sessions

Deik Chef Knife

We’ll be honest, there’s not much left to say about this last knife (but let’s try anyway?). The Deik Chef Knife is designed using the same German stainless steel as our previous feature, so we won’t stress that aspect too much. Now, Deik used high-carbon steel, which has a higher melting point than lower grade steel and is several times tougher and harder to manipulate.

This basically means that the blade won’t get dull as fast (although we do recommend sharpening and straightening it as often as possible) and that bending is much harder to achieve.

Obviously, the blade is the highest quality, very sharp and reliable. What makes this knife stand out is the handle – finally, something that feels right. With a rounded design with beautiful wooden finishes, the Deik Chef Knife offers a perfect blend of design and utility, making the handle comfortable to use by virtually anyone and allowing it to blend in any kitchen.

As the other two featured items, this one is also covered by a lifetime manufacturer’s warranty.


  • Quality, high-carbon stainless steel blade
  • Beautiful design
  • Comes with a carrying or storing case (included)
  • Lifetime warranty that covers manufacturing faults
  • Corrosion-resistant blade (high Chromium content in blade)


  • Not dishwasher-friendly

Best Chef Knifes: Our Honest Conclusion

Before we give a clear conclusion, let’s be clear – whether or not you choose to go with our top pick for this round up, all of the knifes are well-crafted and will bring a lot of utility to your kitchen.

That being said, we think that the Deik Chef Knife is the undisputed champion of our list, because it stands out the most.

While all three products have basically the same features, Deik have managed to create the best blend of quality, utility and design. The comfortable handle and the corrosive-resistant blade are, in our opinion, the best of the three.

Make sure that you regularly hone your blade and keep it dry and safely-stored. Happy cooking!

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