Bellemain Kitchen Knife Organizer Review

Of all the cutlery items and pieces that aid you in rustling up delicious meals in the kitchen, a knife is surely one of these. You use one set of knives for slicing, dicing, mincing, and julienning vegetables and fruits while another set of knives come handy for sectioning portions of meats, deboning and filleting fishes.

But when it comes to storing the knives in a manner so that the same retains their sharpness as well as are out of harm’s way, majority of homemakers and chefs tend to be negligent.

In order to continue getting the best results from your kitchen knives, you must ensure that they are stored appropriately after use as well as cleaned regularly and sharpened occasionally. Using a kitchen knife organizer, especially a wooden block that can be tucked away in a drawer, is surely one of the best ways to make sure that your knives retain their sharpness and functionality for years on end.

With a knife block/organizer not only will all the knives be together but at the same time, you will be able to use them effectively for years and they will not pose any injury risk.

The Bellemain Kitchen Knife Organizer is shaped out of pure bamboo is one such versatile knife block that you can take advantage of and is pocket friendly as well.

Features in Subheadings

What makes the Bellemain in-drawer knife block organizer the perfect kit for safekeeping all your kitchen knives? In the following lines, the top features of this knife organizer have been presented in a nutshell.

Capable of holding up to a maximum of 16 different kinds of knives

This Bellemain wooden organizer is capable of sheathing up to a maximum of 16 knives of different types. To elaborate, you can slide in paring knives, bread knives, Santoku knives, serrated knives, large chef knives, and knives that are used for calving, filleting, and deboning. The knives are placed in a proper way with the blade section going in first and the handle end resting at the end from where the slot starts.

One of the best in-drawer organizers that you can go for

This knife organizer has been designed keeping ergonomics in mind which means the profile of this block matches the outline of most kitchen drawers. You can easily slide the organizer complete with the knives inside any of the drawers in your kitchen cabinet. The block goes in and stays put conveniently inside the drawer. You’ll be able to open and close drawers smoothly with the knife block stored inside.

Leaves kitchen countertop space free

Since you are able to organize all your knives in one place, the kitchen countertop remains totally free of clutter enabling you to work with greater efficiency.

Keeps knives out of reach of children

Leaving your knives hanging from a magnetic rack or inserting them inside a countertop wooden block implies that the knives can be accessed by the children without much difficulty. However, with this organizer, you can store your knives safely inside the drawer, out of the reach of children if you keep the drawers under lock and key.

Hardwearing construction

The organizer has been constructed from a quality grade of bamboo known as ‘Moso’ bamboo. The intrinsic properties of the bamboo imparts to the knife block an amazing level of robustness which lets you use it for several years at a stretch.


The bamboo timber used for making this block is very eco-friendly, requires minimal maintenance, and can be cleaned with water and soap. Simply wipe with dry cloth after a rinse and polish using an approved lubricant or oil.


  • Organizer does not contain chemical elements that could affect your health or pollute food items
  • Strain of bamboo used (Moso) for crafting this knife block is of very high quality which in turn makes the console very hardwearing
  • Bellemain organizer has been created intelligently enabling you to comfortably stock up 16 knives in total
  • knives are stored in a way with the blade section always deep inside the niche
  • Fits Inside Almost All Standardized Drawers
  • Can store almost all categories of kitchen knife


  • Cleaning the dirt and debris accumulated inside the slots could be an issue
  • Regularly pulling out the knives from the slots or sliding them in could make the blade edges somewhat blunt
  • The pre-sized slots may not perfectly fit all types of knives

How can this product solve your requirements?

If you are looking for a sturdy in-drawer knife organizer for stockpiling all your kitchen blades, then you will surely benefit hugely by choosing the Bellemain Kitchen Knife Organizer. This knife block has slots for stocking up to a maximum of 16 knives of different kinds, slicing knives, paring knives, serrated knives, and so on. Made from eco-friendly bamboo wood, this knife block needs minimal maintenance and can be rinsed easily.

At the same time, the quality of the block material makes it last long. The placement of the knives is also perfect as the sharpness of the blades remain intact even if you take them out or insert them in quickly innumerable times in a day.

How is the product better than other options?

Though there are number of knife organizer brands that could be compared with the Bellemain knife block, the Bambusi and Heim Concept in-drawer blocks are two models that bear close resemblance, in terms of features, and therefore apt for comparison.

The bigger slots of Heim Concept are extremely wide while the small niches are quite shallow. The slots in Bambusi block are suitable mostly for storing serrated knives.

Though both Bellemain and Heim Concept brand owners maintain that their blocks can store 16 knives, in reality you can stock up to 11 large knives. The Bambusi is capable of stocking much less number of knives. All the three brands are priced somewhat similar and the prices are pocket-friendly.


On the whole, Bellemain Kitchen Knife Organizer is an excellent option if you are looking for a budget-friendly knife block competent enough to hold your entire stock of kitchen knives in a safe and convenient manner. The quality of this organizer ensures that your knives will be able to hold on to their sharpness for a long time as well as offers you the convenience of keeping your stock together.

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